North St. Paul

North St. Paul is a town of 3.1 square miles, with a six-block-long main street. A small industrial village turned first-ring suburb, North St. Paul embraces its small-town feel but also recognizes it is part of a larger region. With over 125 years of history, North St. Paul is a tight-knit community with bonds to the town atmosphere, its neighbors, and their shared past. But it is also a town that looks to the future, embracing technology and seeking new ways to capture the next wave of innovation and ingenuity to propel the community forward.

With an abundance of city parks, schools, churches, a quaint downtown district and peaceful neighborhoods, North St. Paul is a town with a great quality of life. It is connected to a thriving metropolitan region and appreciates how this enhances residents’ access to a diversity of jobs, cultural and recreational opportunities, quality health care, and higher education opportunities. Although as a community North St. Paul seeks to become more “urban” by investing in progressive infrastructure improvements and more compact development, it will strive to preserve the small-town atmosphere by ensuring that future projects adhere to a quality design standard and aesthetic character.  The City of North St. Paul is proud to provide the following municipal utilities to our residents and businesses: electric, water and sewer.   

north st. paul mn map